The Child "Baby Yoda"

To make baby yoda we will need: 3 mm crochet hook, stitch marker, tapestry needle, stuffing, a brown button, 12 mm safety eyes and yarn (green 25 g, dark brown 15 g, light brown 20 g). This cutie is going to measure 10 cm / 3,9 inch tall and 19 cm / 7,4 inch wide. May the force be with you!


R: round
ch: chain
mr: magic ring
sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet
inc: increase
dec: decrease
**: repeat to the end of round

[...] total stitches at the end of round


R1: 6 sc in mr
R2: *sc inc* [12]
R3: *1 sc, sc inc* [18]
R4: *2 sc, sc inc* [24]
R5: *3 sc, sc inc* [30]
R6: *4 sc, sc inc* [36]
R7: *17 sc, sc inc* [38]
R8: *18 sc, sc inc* [40]
R9: *19 sc, sc inc* [42]

Eyes between R10-11

R10-12: 42 sc
R13: *19 sc, sc dec* [40]
R14: *18 sc, sc dec* [38]
R15: *17 sc, sc dec* [36]
R16: *4 sc, sc dec* [30]
R17: *3 sc, sc dec* [24]
R18: *2 sc, sc dec* [18]
R19: *1 sc, sc dec* [12]
R20: *sc dec* [6]


With a little green yarn make a nose about 3 stitches wide between R12-13.


Make two.

R1: 4 sc in mr
R2: 3 sc, sc inc [5]
R3: 4 sc, sc inc [6]
R4: *2 sc, sc inc* [8]
R5: *3 sc, sc inc* [10]
R6: *4 sc, sc inc* [12]
R7: *3 sc, sc inc* [15]
R8: *4 sc, sc inc* [18]
R9: *5 sc, sc inc* [21]
R10: *6 sc, sc inc* [24]
R11-13: 24 sc
R14: *6 sc, sc dec* [21]
R15: *5 sc, sc dec* [18]

Leave a tail to sew, just a bit curved around the middle and a little more around the top, between R6-13 of the head.


R1: 6 sc in mr
R2: *sc inc* [12]
R3: *1 sc, sc inc* [18]
R4: back loop only 18 sc
R5: *2 sc, sc inc* [24]
R6-8: 24 sc
R9: *10 sc, sc dec* [22]
R10: *9 sc, sc dec* [20]
R11: *8 sc, sc dec* [18]
R12: *7 sc, sc dec* [16]
R13: *6 sc, sc dec* [14]

Leave enough to sew to the head. Place the body so it looks wider from the side than the front.


Make two.

With green.

R1: 6 sc in mr
R2: 6 sc

Change color to brown.

R3-6: 6 sc

Leave a tail to sew to the body between R13.


Make two.

Foundation: 2 ch
R1: 1 sl st, 1 ch,
1 sl st, 1 ch

Both sl st are worked in the first ch of the foundation.

Leave enough yarn to sew to the bottom of the body on R4.


Foundation: 46 ch
R1: 45 sc, 1 ch, turn [45]
R2: 22 sc, sc dec, 21 sc, 1 ch, turn [44]
R3: 10 sc, sc dec, 20 sc, sc dec, 10 sc, 1 ch, turn [42]
R4: 9 sc, sc dec, 20 sc, sc dec, 9 sc, 1 ch, turn [40]
R5: 40 sc, 1 ch, turn [40]
R6: 40 sc, 1 ch, turn [40]
R7: 20 sc, sc inc, 19 sc, 1 ch, turn [41]
R8: 41 sc, 1 ch, turn [41]
R9: 41 sc, 1 ch, turn [41]
R10: 20 sc, sc inc, 20 sc, 1 ch, turn [42]
R11: 42 sc, 1 ch, turn [42]
R12: 42 sc, 1 ch, turn [42]
R13: 20 sc, sc inc, 21 sc, 1 ch, turn [43]
R14: 43 sc, 1 ch, turn [43]
R15: 43 sc, 1 ch, turn [43]
R16: 21 sc, sc inc, 21 sc, 1 ch, turn [44]
R17: 44 sc, 1 ch, turn [44]
R18: 44 sc [44]

Hide loose ends.

Fold the first 3 rows. Sew a button on the right side under the folding and on the opposite side we'll make a loop with a a bit of yarn securing it within the inside of the cape.

A baby Yoda you now have!

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  1. Replies
    1. I use safety eyes, they have a washer that goes on to lock the eye in place from the inside of the head so once you completed a few more rounds from where the eyes are going to be you can attach them before starting to close your work.

  2. What size safety eyes, please. Thank you so much for sharing this darling pattern.

    1. Thanks for reminding me, I just updated the materials list! I used 12 mm eyes.

  3. Hi! I'm having a lot of trouble with the feet. Can you explain a little more? I'm specifically having trouble moving on from V1 to V2; don't really know where I'm supposed to start the new sl st. Thank you!

    1. Hi! Both sl st go in the same foundation ch. I just changed the explanation to make it easier to understand. Hope it helps and you can always let me know if you have any other question!

  4. Thank you for the update on the legs.

  5. This is a beautiful piece! Thank you for making it!

  6. Replies
    1. I used a light DK yarn that was right for a 3mm hook

  7. Hiya I'm really struggling with the feet, any tips?

    1. Hey! So, you chain 2 (1st picture) and work on the 2nd chain from hook 1 slip stitch, then chain 1 (2nd picture), then another slip stitch into the same chain you made your first slip stitch and then chain 1 (3rd picture) and cut the yarn (4th picture). Maybe try a looser tension if you are struggling to work the stitches... Hope this helps and if you have a more specific question let me know!

  8. Hi there. Just wanted to say thank you for this pattern. My Mom loved hers and I'm now starting another for a friend. Easy to follow and great photos for each section.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm really glad to hear that!!

  9. Very easy to follow, thank you so much!

  10. Just finished the head! My ears are turning out like big triangles though, not at all like the lovely leaf shapes you have. Any ideas? I'm really new to crochet. Thank you.

    1. Hi! What I'm thinking is maybe the start is a little tricky being a bit small so you should probably pay attention to that, make sure the stitches are tight enough. Also flatten it with the finished stitch to the side and curve it a bit, that really makes the shape much nicer. Hope it helps!

  11. Thank you for sharing your cute baby Yoda! I'm ready to sew him together now. I'm so happy with him and I can't wait to present him to my son. Brilliant pattern to follow. Be healthy ������